Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sometimes, you leave things for a long period of time and totally forget about them. Then suddenly, one day you see them again and all the memories start to pour out like flood...Like in a movie when you can see flashback moments. It's kind of amazing. For some reason, I totally forgot about this blog until now I found it again, it's already 2014. My last post was July 25, 2013. I read the entry and I cannot remember what situation I was in back then that made me write such contents full of sadness. It's weird because for instant I cannot recall any of it, not even a bit :s.

It's already 2014 and the traditional New Year is coming. My New Year resolution is to be working harder and to achieve anything that I haven't done. It's funny because we're kind of saying it every time there is New Year coming. We grow older, life is so much more joyful when we walk slowly and smell the flowers and look around the atmosphere. Living in a fast pace environment like now a day, we get bored quickly and we always find something new to do. It's sad because we have forgotten to appreciate every little thing we have, instead we have taken them for granted.

Words come across my mind...makes me write this lyric
Question is still in my mind
I wish I could go back in time
To witness how life was back then
As I've learned that...
Every little thing was precious
Every little smile was truly joyful
Every little help was purely granted
Every little word was honestly spoken
Those every little thing gave no doubt
Hardship but peaceful
From the inside...

We've always been looking forward to the peaceful future
But human being always start a fight
The Earth is always moving round
The cycle of history will always repeat itself
Peace will not come
If human will not stop
Being selfish

-Frog Poem-

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